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Sample PDFs and information on a few completed sets of drawings.


Completed 6/2013 -  Exterior  and Interior storefront, curtain wall, sliding doors and interior all glass walls.  Engineering added

Shop Drawing PDF

Completed 7/2016 -  Exterior storefront and interior hollow metal and mirrors

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Completed 12/2014  -  Interior and exterior storefront and exterior curtain wall.  Also engineered.

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Sprouts—The Plant

Prescott APS

Arrowhead Cadillac

BDP Kindred Facility

Project List

Completed 10/2015  -  Exterior storefront, Raked clear story windows and skylites.


Shop Drawing PDF

More than 400 projects completed overall spanning office and shell buildings, fast food and high end restaurants, infrastructure, TI’s, medical, Military bases, libraries, NAU improvements and even a residential home or two.