Starkly Simple Solutions

Knowledge, experience and commitment make the difference

About Us


Starkly simple solutions is a two man operation run by Craig Hauss that does shop drawings and contract take offs/estimating for the commercial glazing industry.†

Craig has a degree in Mathematics and Computer Engineering and taught high school for several years outside of the glazing industry.

With Stark Solutions you are getting more than just a drafter.† You are getting a drafter with firsthand experience in the glazing industry and the tools to get the job done right.

Hands on experience

Before moving on to other aspects of the glazing industry I worked in both the shop and the field building and installing window systems.† I understand how they go together and how they are installed.


After learning to build and install the systems and having shown an aptitude for trouble shooting and problem solving I was moved to estimating.† While estimating I was required to be very detail oriented in going over plans and putting together bids.† I also learned more of the technical side of things including glass types, leading and materials

Project Coordination

Along with estimating I also worked as a project coordinator where I had to work with suppliers, contractors and our own people to help insure that the job got done right the first time and within budget.

Shop drawings

Iíve done shop drawings for about a dozen local Arizona glazing companies and have gotten repeat business and good reviews from all of them.† Iíve also been complemented by various architects and general contractors on my work.† At this point Iíve probably done 400 different projects over the last 9 years and am still going strong.